David Kay

David Robert Kay
3 March 1954 – 26 August 2016

It is with great sadness that I announce the sudden and untimely death of Sero HE’s leading Director.

After successful treatment for cancer in 2012, David continued his professional life largely symptom and side-effect free until late July 2016. At that point, his health deteriorated with unexpected swiftness and his life ended on Friday 26 August.

Sero HE was David’s brainchild; his unique contribution is a cause of celebration and will be greatly missed. Thankfully, he was a gifted collaborator, drawing together a group of Associates whose expertise could be harnessed to bespoke teams with the requisite skills and experience to undertake innovative and outstanding work as each project required. That body of expertise, although diminished by David’s death, remains largely in place.

Liz Wallis, Sero’s Managing Director, who has worked closely with David in implementing the company’s HE programme, will now take a lead and is the first point of contact (liz.wallis@sero.co.uk).

David’s funeral took place on 13 September 2016. There were many tributes. One captured David’s essence perfectly:

David Kay was a ball of infectious, inspirational energy, with a prodigious intellectual and athletic prowess, all enclosed in a highly individualised wrapper. (Robin Murray)

Amen to that! We look forward to working with you in taking forward this legacy.

Dr Ian Wallis
Chair, Sero Consulting Ltd.