Event: The Truth about Successfully Delivering Data Analytics

28th June 2017, Austin Court, Birmingham, B1 2NP

Delivered by Sero HE in collaboration with UCISA

What does it mean to undertake data analytics in practice? What progress is really being made in UK higher education institutions on using data analytics to deliver success?

This round-table event will adopt a collaborative approach to unlocking some of the issues around the delivery of data analytics and understanding the practical and manageable steps forward for institutions that want to make progress.

The aim of the event is to bring together a group of invited participants from higher education with an interest and involvement in data and analytics, to discuss the beneficial use of data analytics and to encourage sharing of real experiences. It will provide a forum for colleagues to work together to explore common problems and talk about solutions.

Participants will be at a senior level from professional groups that each have strategic dependence on and responsibility for data and analytics.

Proceedings and outcomes of the day will be drawn together into a publication for sharing more widely to support sector colleagues.

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10.00   Registration & refreshments

10.30   Welcome & purpose – Hosts UCISA and Sero HE

Peter Tinson, Executive Director, UCISA, and Liz Wallis, Managing Director, Sero HE

Part 1: Setting the scene – Chair: Sarah Porter, Sero HE Associate

10.40   What do we understand data analytics to be?

Contributions from those attending about their definition and experience of data analytics

11.00   A view from the US and the UK on learning analytics

Ian Dolphin, Chief Executive, Apereo Foundation, and Sero HE Associate

11.20   A view on data analytics from another sector

Mike Jones, Director, SkillsLogic, with a case study on STEMNET

11.40   A view from an HE practitioner: Becoming a data-driven organisation

Daniel Monnery, Director of Strategic Planning, University of Northumbria

Part 2: The reality check – Chair: Alison Allden OBE, Sero HE Associate

12.00   Group reflection to surface problems encountered in learning and data analytics

12.30   Plenary: Sharing the reality – problems and progress

13.00   Lunch

Part 3: How the sector is addressing the challenges of data analytics – Chair: Peter Tinson, UCISA

13.50   Working with data – HEIDI Plus, Tableau, Jisc Analytics and HESA Data Futures

Dr Christine Couper, Director of Strategic Planning, University of Greenwich

14.10  Progress with learning analytics – teaching quality and analytics

Ed Foster, Student Engagement Manager, Nottingham Trent University

Part 4: Strategies for success – Chair: Prof David Baker, Sero HE Associate

14.40   Group discussion to share good practice illustrated by case studies

15.30   Plenary round up of take home good practice for improving delivery

15.50   Summing up and next steps – Hosts UCISA and Sero HE

Peter Tinson, UCISA, and Liz Wallis, Sero HE

16.00   Close