Project: Shared academic knowledge base for the UK academic community

Client: Jisc Collections

Knowledge Base+ (KB+) is a service from Jisc Collections that helps UK libraries manage their e-resources more efficiently by providing accurate publication, subscription, licence and management information. The service has been developed with significant investment from HEFCE and aims to transform the culture and practice of Electronic Resource Management across the supply chain.  Specific objectives are to:

  • Help improve quality of service that libraries provide to their end users
  • Reduce time and cost spent managing data by providing a central service co-ordinated nationally and internationally
  • Improve decision making by freeing up time for librarians and information managers
  • Improve return on investment for library system purchasers by improving the supply and quality of data that goes into vendor knowledge bases
  • Put institutions in control of their data across systems and services

Sero HE helped to scope and design the service and provided technical project management from prototype through to roll-out. We also played a significant role in data analysis and management.

During the early (pre-service) stages of the KB+ project, data relating to electronic resources and the relevant licences was collected from across UK HE Libraries. Sero HE worked on collecting, managing and analysing this data with colleagues from Jisc, to understand the nature of the data available from institutions, and how this could be used within the context of the KB+ service.

Sero HE staff, in particular Owen, worked with the KB+ development team to specify data schema and formats that could be used to load data into the KB+ system, and then helped prepare data collected from institutions to be loaded using those schema and formats.

When (post-service launch) it was agreed to migrate information about ‘subscribed’ or ‘core’ titles from Jusp into KB+, Owen again worked with the Jisc to gather the relevant data (from Jusp on behalf of the institutions) and to prepare it to be loaded into KB+.

We continued to work with the KB+ team in terms of collecting data from both Jisc and institutions, manipulating that data ready to be loaded into KB+ and writing and running custom software to load the data into KB+.

As a core partner in the development of the KB+ service, Sero HE is pleased to see the way in which this national service has now been adopted by the sector and is one of Jisc Collections’ core services.

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