Professor Paul Bacsich

Paul Bacsich joined Sero after a long career in university teaching, research and management, followed by five years of consultancy. He has in-depth experience of HE systems across the EU and in several English-speaking countries as well as countries in Latin America and Asia, with particular reference to e-learning, distance learning and open educational resources.

At the Open University, Paul spent many years working on e-learning, and was one of the founding trio of the Knowledge Media Institute. At Sheffield Hallam University, he was Professor of Telematics, then Director of the university-wide Virtual Campus as well as Head of Division of Computing & Networks. At the UK e-University he was Director of Special Projects, reporting to the CEO, working on competitor research and technical studies including the EU Framework project TELCERT on e-learning standards.

For the Higher Education Academy, Paul led one of the two teams which benchmarked e-learning at over 80 UK universities in 2005-2007 and subsequently led the team that completed the benchmarked of all Welsh universities. In 2007-09 he played a key role in the wiki-based “review of virtual campuses” (Re.ViCa) global study of online learning in universities, followed by leading an EU project on virtual schools and colleges.

Paul then led several studies on OER and MOOCs for the European Commission and associated entities. These included the very large “Policies for OER Uptake” (POERUP) project for the Lifelong Learning Programme, followed by the SharedOER project for the EU Joint Research Centre and the “Adult Education and OER” (ADOERUP) project for the European Parliament.

Paul delivers the Sero contribution to D-TRANSFORM, an Erasmus+ project, on development of “digital leader” skills among senior university managers – his focus is on benchmarking/quality aspects and business models for open education in different countries.

In 2015-16 Paul chaired the review panel for the Vision and Strategy Appraisal of the OU Library, interviewed over 70 staff and students and carried out substantial comparative and policy research. He also chaired the E-learning review panel for Uppsala University, with three days of intensive meetings and presentations, and spent four months chairing a task force for the National Forum for Learning and Teaching in Ireland to prepare a scoping document on infrastructure issues related to online learning.

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