Sarah Porter

Sarah has worked in higher education and IT for 20 years. She developed a national and international profile as Head of Innovation at Jisc, a role that she held for ten years.

During that time, she was responsible for the Innovation Strategy for JISC’s work in further and higher education for the UK, working with leaders in further and higher education in the UK and overseas to develop and implement strategic and often world-leading programmes in e-learning, digital libraries, institutional change, business systems, e-research, and digital content creation and management. Sarah has worked closely with the funders of further and higher education in the UK, and with governments and foundations world-wide, including the US National Science Foundation, the European Commission and the UK research councils.

Most recently, she has advised both UK and overseas’ universities on the use of IT to enhance the student experience and for research excellence. Sarah worked for five years at the University of Oxford and from 2013-15 was an Academic Visitor at the Oxford Internet Institute. Sarah has a broad range of experience including the development of strategies for IT, through requirements gathering and systems selection, to softer issues of digital literacy and organisational change. Recent projects that Sarah has worked on have included a national and international review of the current state of e-learning, the development of a new strategy for technology-enhanced learning, and gathering requirements for Open Access research systems. Sarah maintains an academic research profile, contributes regularly to journals and other publications and in 2015 her monograph ‘To MOOC or not to MOOC: how can online learning help to build the future of higher education?’ was published by Chandos / Elsevier.

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